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Performance Practice

Dr. Jonathan L. Smith

Authenticity in Music

Authenticity in music is not only how a musician performs but is also how a listener perceives the performance.

Dr. Jonathan L. Smith

Setting the Mood—What to Listen to While You Write and Create

"A composer is like an author of the dramatic genre—vulnerable, in charge, and alone." -Dr. Jon

Dr. Jonathan L. Smith

A Solution for ♭ and ♯ Keys on the Guitar

A concise outlook on how retuning the guitar and applying a capo, when necessary, is an excellent solution to ♭ and ♯ keys.

Dr. Jonathan L. Smith

Bossa Nova #1 - a la Machado

Nothing is more comforting than a Bossa Nova rhythm on a nylon-string guitar.Celso Machado is the guitarist from Brazil. He has a large output of works for classical (nylon-string) guitar by itself or in combination with other instruments, particularly the flute. One of my students is a big João