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πŸ‘‹ Hi

My name is Jonathan.

By day: a music producer, composer, and guitarist

By night: an aspiring polymath, philosopher, and thinker

I have a doctorate of musical arts in guitar performance and share a musical life with my wife, Angela Galestro. You can find us with the flute and guitar ensemble, GS Duo, as well as through Angela’s songs and compositions. In addition, all production from sound to visuals is under our company, Glaize Avenue Studios.

See more on my blog, an outline of the dissertation from my doctoral studies, and details about my work history and education on LinkedIn.

An outline of my doctoral research can be found here.

And, click here to see a list of my social links.

More Of

Who I Am

  • ...a loving husband. Angela Galestro is my saving grace.
  • ...a cat dad. My 3 siamese cats are my children. Although they demand much of me, I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.
  • ...a guitarist. I started the guitar at age 11 and have been hooked ever since. It has been my companion through all young and adult life. So much so, I now have a doctor in the discipline (Shenandoah University, 2020).

What I Do

  • Perform on guitar and other plucked instruments--solo music, a flute/guitar duo with my wife, and collaboratively with others. Performances take place live, livestream, or in the studio.
  • Educate musicians, teachers, and composers to help them understand the intricacies of plucked instrument playing, teaching, and composition.
  • Produce music of my own and with others. I enjoy the collaborative nature of making music. It can be a transformative experience as well as a unique way to communicate the human spirit. Nested in production is composition, publishing, and the recording arts.


Learn More about my Work and Education